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call girls in pune city

Enjoying physical intimacy is what that makes man contented and rejuvenated. Sexual pleasure gives both man and woman reasons to live happily. It is one of the reasons for man’s attraction towards woman. Both expect lot from each other as far as physical relationship is concerned. Man and woman enjoy the most amazing moments of their life when they spend time in a physical relationship. Enjoying it in a traditional way (missionary position) is the most liked method. Couples have started experimenting new yet exciting postures. If you are a lonely man, living a solitary life; you also can enjoy lovemaking in different yet adventurous way with Call Girls in Pune. There are different positions that you can go for and please yourself and her too.

Below are some of the physical intimacy postures you can try and have fun with one of the best Pune escorts:

The ‘V’ Position

It is the most acrobatic and pleasurable posture. The Pune escorts will sit down on the edge of a table. Yo then, bend you leg little bit and you will find yourself in the best penetrating position. She will take her legs stretched on your shoulders. Just imagine the fun!

Rocking Horse

This is among the most interesting postures. The position will allow you look directly in the eyes of your partner. You can see how passionate your lover is. You need to sit and bend backward slightly. She will sit on you. You can kiss her directly.

Doggy Style

Those who have small penetrating object can go for it. It directly hits the G-Spot area. She will bend down to her head the way dog does. And you can penetrate from behind. The girls who are selected here in “Pune escort agency are masters in postures and please you incredibly.

The Snail

It is a passionate and adventurous position. The position is a sure G-Spot hit. You both will enjoy this position.Pune call girls are so much fond of passionate lovemaking and this position gives scope to do so. She will lie down to her back and rest her both legs to your shoulders. You can directly penetrate her and explore her body too. You kiss her and do whatever your hands can do with her busts.

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