Essential Dating Tips: Ten Mistakes Not to Make On a First Date

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First Date

Kudos to whoever came up with the saying “first impression is the last impression”. This old saying still holds very true in most walks of life, including dating. Keep this simple saying in mind when you go on your first date and avoid the below given ten horrendous things. Also check Sneha Joshi website if you want to skip the dating process and directly want to do what you are suppose to do.

1. Toot Your Own Horn

Don’t be a braggadocio (a person who boasts about his or her own actions regardless of the response). Many people think that tooting their own horn will help them fetch higher marks, when this is something that actually most of the time backfires. Do not go bragging about what you have done or achieved, until you are asked to do so. Even then, make sure you keep your tone calm so that it does not sound like empty pretentious bragging.

2. Mention Your Ex

Mentioning your ex on the first date is not a mistake but a sin. This is like nipping the budding relationship before it can blossom! This mistake can be a major speed breaker in your rendezvous. If you wish to talk about the past, then talk about common likes and dislikes and other such things without putting in a hint of your ex.

3. Gluttony

Keep table manners in mind without looking too uncomfortable. Even if you are ravenously hungry, you should keep your calm and not attack the food like someone who hasn’t been to a restaurant in days. The main objective of a date is to know each other and not to just have a meal together. The idea of talking while eating or nibbling is hardly appreciated.

4. Act Confused

Many people look perplex on their first date, especially if it is with a beautiful call girls in pune or a handsome man. It is important to be in control of the conversation and stay focused. One should concentrate on talking about things that the other person is interested in instead of blabbering about random things. A sense of humour is also of much use; however, people often end up cracking crass or inappropriate jokes when they are confused. This thing is again a no-no!

5. Money!

Trust us when we tell you – money can’t buy love. Bragging about how rich you are or what car you own may put off the other person because it may end up portraying you in a wrong light. This move may even appear condescending.

6. Flirt with Your Phone

There are many reasons why one would fiddle with a cell phone on a first date. Some people find it as an excuse to hide their nervousness while some are too busy texting or talking to another person. This move is not only considered rude and disrespectful but may actually end up disrupting all your chances in the long run. It is suggested that you keep your phone on silent mood and pay all your attention to the person sitting in front of you.

7. Touch me Not!

Do not jump the gun and get physical on the first date. If you do so then your first date may very well end up being your last! The key lies in touching the soul and not the figure!

8. Smoking

Smoking, though often overlooked, is something that women and even some men may take an offense to. Do not burn a cigarette as it may make the other person uncomfortable and disrupt the conversation. It is all about courtesy and respect here!

9. Desperate

Do not look desperate by continuing to praise the other person or showing wrong intentions. This thing is considered a big turnoff!

10. Lie

Lastly, do not lie about anything from your relationship to your hobbies. It doesn’t matter how trivial the question is, it is important to be honest if you want an everlasting relationship.
The dating scene is a difficult landscape to navigate, but we hope that our tips will help you crack the code.

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